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Subject: RE: FW: [office] Homonymy Impact - Version Identification at the Feature Level


I love the built-in cross-referencing that appears in the new drafts for ODF
1.2.  That is a tremendous feature.

It brings up a new problem, because not all uses of the same attribute name
are the same and there is only one entry in section 18 for all of the

This suggests to me that we need some structure below the attribute name
entry in order to sort out the homonymic cases.  

I also assume that the cross-reference mechanism will not be able to handle
that, because there is no way to indicate to it which homonym is intended

The situation I am referring to is what Patrick discusses in his annotation
of the section on the table:name attribute.  This applies in many other
places (text:name and style:name probably) and for other attributes.

See the draft7-10 text for section 18.1029 table:name for an illustration of
the need to provide specification by homonymic case, and how Patrick has
been handling it.  It seems to me that this treatment of version-specific
introduction and change might have to be at the level which is now reflected
by bullet-list items.

 - Dennis

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Subject: Re: FW: [office] Discussion Requested - Version Identification at
the Feature Level

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Thanks to the changes that Patrick made, this assumption is actually 
correct. Each element is described in a subsection of its own, and the 
same applies to attributes. With the generation of the element and 
attribute lists I have further introduces a simple pattern for reference 
marks. This makes it easy to add reference to the subsection where an 
element or attribute is defined.

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