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Subject: Closing out ODF 1.2


I must agree that the list of proposals that could be included in ODF 
1.2 is an impressive one. And that some restraint will have to be shown 
by the members of the TC in terms of what is small enough to incorporate 
without much difficulty or that is important enough to work extra hours 
to see that it gets in.

I wanted to put in a plug for features that address compatibility 
issues. Not for any of them in particular as I have been more concerned 
with the current draft than with monitoring the details of new 
proposals. However, I do think this is a good opportunity for the TC to 
exhibit its bridge building skills with regard to other known, extant 
features of other formats.

Lest there be some mistake, realize my goal for ODF is for it to be a 
zero or near zero impedance format for a very wide community of users. 
That includes having features that may not be of any burning importance 
to me personally.

We will all want to draw the line on features and proposals somewhat 
differently but I do think that with enough effort we can make 
reasonable and fair judgments on what should be in ODF 1.2 or that needs 
to wait for the next version. Actually I am hopeful that we can set a 
date for the *completion* of ODF 1.3/2.0 soon after the final approval 
of ODF 1.2 so we can plan our work backwards from that date.

Well, back to editing all the comments that have been submitted by the 
Sun team. Expect a another drop by early next week. With any luck there 
will be a second drop this month the week of Christmas. So those of you 
who tire of the obligatory relatives will have something useful to do 
while you hide in your home offices. ;-)

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Patrick Durusau
Chair, V1 - US TAG to JTC 1/SC 34
Convener, JTC 1/SC 34/WG 3 (Topic Maps)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

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