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Subject: Re: [office] ODF 1.2 proposals

Hi Doug,

On Sunday, 2008-11-30 15:44:39 -0800, Doug Mahugh wrote:

> I have created proposals on the wiki for the following ...

I received comments from the OOoChart developer Ingrid Halama before she
headed for vacation, I'm forwarding herewith.


| > drawing objects in charts: 
| > http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/drawing_objects_in_charts
| >
| I will need more time to look at this.
| >
| > date axis on charts: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/data_axis_on_charts
| >
| I will need more time to look at this.
| >
| > data-label-series attributes: 
| > http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/data-label-series_attributes
| >
| That looks ok. Just add the following sentence to the new attribute 
| description to indicate at which chart elements this attribute should be 
| used:
| "This attribute should be used within a chart style that is applied to a 
| <chart:data-label>, a <chart:data-point>, a <chart:series> or a 
| <chart:plot-area> element."
| The description of the new attribute should look very similar to the 
| description of the already existing attribute chart:data-label-text in 
| the end.
| > table:cell-range attribute: 
| > http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/table%3Acell-range_attribute
| >
| I would suggest to use the attribute table:cell-range-address with type 
| cellRangeAddressList as we have it for several other chart elements 
| already. The table:cell-range attribute is an unlucky duplication of 
| attributes, that should not be extended further.
| Further I would change the proposed text for element <chart:data-label> 
| to fit to the latest changes of the ODF draft:
| -----------------
| The <chart:data-label> element represents the data label of a data 
| point. With this element, the content, formatting properties and 
| position of a data label can be defined manually.
| The text of a data label is specified by either of the following:
| - the attributes chart:data-label-number, chart:data-label-text (and 
| chart:data-label-series this depends on a parallel change proposal))
| - the child <text:p> element
| - the attribute table:cell-range-address
| If more than one information is given at the same time the latest in the 
| list has priority.
| The <chart:data-label> element can also be a sub-element of a data 
| series. In this case, the data label serves as default for all the data 
| points of this series.
| -----------------
| In addition it needs to be specified what the table:cell-range-address 
| attribute is supposed to mean for the case that the <chart:data-label> 
| element is a child of a <chart:series> element. Is this one text that 
| should be used for all labels, or is it treated as a sequence of texts 
| that are applied in order to all data labels. This needs to be discussed 
| and described!
| >
| > x-axis direction error indicator: 
| > http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/x-axis_direction_error_indicator
| >
| For x-error bars there are changes already made in the current ODF 1.2 
| draft. More than one <chart:error-indicator> element is allowed and the 
| direction is indicated by the attribute chart:dimension. So there is no 
| need for further change here.

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