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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: [office] Review of ODF 1.2 specification draft 1.2- chapters 6 and 7]


A quick question on the "sender" fields:

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>>>> - comment to future note in sub chapter " <text:author-name>":
>>>> text:author-name is not a duplicate of dc:creator. text:author-name 
>>>> is the author of the document, while dc:creator is the creator of 
>>>> this ODF stream. E.g. Oliver create a new text document in ODF and 
>>>> stores it - text:author-name="Oliver" and dc:creator="Oliver". 
>>>> Oliver sends the document to Michael for review. Michael opens the 
>>>> document, makes his corrections and stores the document - 
>>>> text:author-name="Oliver" and dc:creator="Michael".
>>> Sorry, you lost me there.
>>> What you describe sounds like Michael, as the second author of the 
>>> document, is listed for dc:creator.
>>> Ah, so is "sender" just bad prose? What it means is a subsequent 
>>> author of content in the file?
>>> I was wondering how the application was going to realize it had been 
>>> "sent."
>>> So, I should remove the sender language and simply say additional 
>>> author?
> The 'Author' created the document and the 'Sender' ist the one who
> changed the document. 'Sender' is not a good choice :-;
OK, I can't change the text:sender-* element names (not in this release) 
but I can change the prose to be more appropriate.

My suggestion is to use the phrase "a subsequent author" in place of 
sender in the prose.

Under the general introduction I will explain the divergence from the 
text:sender-* language.

Question: It is fair to say that an application could choose to support 
more than one subsequent author? That is it could maintain multiple sets 
of what we now call text:sender-* elements?

The current schema doesn't seem to prohibit that usage but I wanted to 
ask to be sure.

Hope you are looking forward to a great week!


Patrick Durusau
Chair, V1 - US TAG to JTC 1/SC 34
Convener, JTC 1/SC 34/WG 3 (Topic Maps)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

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