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Subject: Add list level attribute to style:style - clarification for therelationship with outline level

Dear TC members,

According to Jan.5 TC call, here I make a clarification for the relationship between this list level attribute with outline level. I assume here "outline level" should be style:default-outline-level, which is defined at 18.699 in OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-13.odt. In the spec, it states the semantics of style:default-outline-level as below:
"If this attribute is present and it is assigned to a paragraph by an user interface action, then office applications should display the paragraph as a heading of the given level". So style:default-outline-level is used to customize the heading level.

However, the list level in current proposal is used to specify the list level for the list style in paragraph style. The semantics description is as below:

"The style:list-level attribute specifies the list level value of a list style that may be applied to any paragraph style. It does not directly specify the paragraph's list level value, but applications can change the paragraph's list level value through applying the paragraph style that has it as attribute and changing its value. It is valid only if the attribute style:list-style-name is specified and is not empty"

The style:list-level,style:list-style-name and style:default-outline-level are all attributes of paragraph style, but they have different usenesses.

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