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Subject: Res: RE: [office] Conformance Clause proposal, Version 8

Advancing a little bit on this discussion, I believe that should be very useful to ODF users if we define a way to clearly (and transparently) define the kind of ODF document they're dealing with (just in case that more than one conformance clause be approved).

With this scenario in mind, I would like to propose that we define different file extensions and/or mimetypes to identify documents with contents based on different conformance clauses.

If Rob's proposal would be accepted, I believe that the nomenclature OpenDocument Extended should be used, meaning extensions as .odxt, odxs, .odxp and so on, but we also should define mimetypes to allow the differentiation on XML (not packages) ODF documents.

I'm waiting your comments (and I bet US$100 that Dennis will have several ones :) ),

------Mensagem original------
De: Rob Weir
Assunto: RE: [office] Conformance Clause proposal, Version 8
Enviada em: Fev 7, 2009 14:12

Sorry, Dennis.  "Conformable" as a term doesn't work well.  I don't think 
that we should, in an international standard, be using subtle grammatical 
variations to express important distinctions in terminology, especially 
when introducing a novel term.   There is too great a risk that it will 
not stand up to translation to other languages, especially when we already 
have "conforming", "conformance" and "conformant" as terms.

But I'm certainly open to alternatives.  Why not something like "Extended" 
conformance class?  That seems clear enough.


"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 02/06/2009 
07:15:45 PM:

> I'm still arguing for conformable (which is suggestive of the situation,
> where in a hosted thing, you're not expected to be able to ignore the 
> elements and it probably have to identify the hosting in some way) at 
> ceiling and (strictly) conforming at the stricter level.  If strict is 
> usable because it is a term of art in OASIS specification (although we 
> not following the document that uses that definition), I'll give up 
> that.  But I bet strict conformance sticks in popular use, even though
> informally.  I also think you'll here people talking about OpenDocument
> conformance (without the "document").

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