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Subject: RE: RE: [office] Conformance Clause proposal, Version 8


I think that is a great idea.  

Because file extensions are not defined normatively, we might need to do
something different there (but make more non-normative suggestions about
extensions that are in use).  There is precedent for decoration of MIME
types to make variations though. E.g.,

I suppose one could decorate the office:version attribute too, with
something like office:version="1.2 ext".  

I also think it would be wonderful if the definition of document types, and
the schema relationship to the different types, were nailed down

I'm not sure that these could be made any more mandatory than the current
mimetypes are, but it would be interesting to nail something like this down.

 - Dennis

PS: Do I win the $100?

PPS: Since the current mimetypes are already in use for documents that are
conformant in ODF 1.0/IS 26300/ODF 1.1 terms, and certainly all spreadsheet
documents have been using at least one foreign namespace, maybe we should go
the other way and make new mimetypes for the new conformant-document level.
That is, "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-ext" and ".odts" or
".odtl" or somesuch?

PPPS: I have already said that I would go along with "Extended Document,"
although a better term would be welcome.

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From: Jomar Silva [mailto:jomar.silva@br.odfalliance.org] 
Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 16:15
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Res: RE: [office] Conformance Clause proposal, Version 8

Advancing a little bit on this discussion, I believe that should be very
useful to ODF users if we define a way to clearly (and transparently) define
the kind of ODF document they're dealing with (just in case that more than
one conformance clause be approved).

With this scenario in mind, I would like to propose that we define different
file extensions and/or mimetypes to identify documents with contents based
on different conformance clauses.

If Rob's proposal would be accepted, I believe that the nomenclature
OpenDocument Extended should be used, meaning extensions as .odxt, odxs,
.odxp and so on, but we also should define mimetypes to allow the
differentiation on XML (not packages) ODF documents.

I'm waiting your comments (and I bet US$100 that Dennis will have several
ones :) ),

[ ... ]

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