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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-02-23

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-02-23

* Begin 10:05 EST

* Rollcall

+Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)
+Ming Fei Jia, IBM
+Donald Harbison, IBM
+Patrick Durusau, Individual
+Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
+Eric Patterson, Microsoft
+Stephen Peront, Microsoft
Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
+David Faure, KDE e.V 
+Dennis E. Hamilton, Individual
Charles Schulz, Ars Apert
+David Faure, KDE, e.V.

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name. 

- 11 of 16 voting members (69%) were in attendance, so quorum requirements 
were met.

Membership notes:

-  Charles Schulz will regain voting rights at the adjournment of today's 
-  Svante Schubert is on a Leave of Absence

* Agenda as posted was approved by unanimous consent

* Minutes of the 16 February call were approved by unanimous consent

* The TC discussed the draft maintenance protocols for ISO/IEC 26300. No 
objections were raised.  Members may raise any concerns or questions on 
the mailing list.  If any member is particularly enthusiastic about the 
protocols, he may draft a resolution expressing support for adoption at 
the next TC meeting.  However, no formal approval by the TC is being 
sought at this time.

* Patrick gave a status update on the ODF 1.2 draft.  The TC discussed 
action item tracking and the rate at which we expect additional drafts. 
Consensus was to consider additional drafts for approval as milestones are 
achieved.  Patrick suggested mid-March as when the next draft might be 
available.  Patrick is tracking open issues as notes within the 
specification, which can be found by searching for a particular style. Rob 
noted that this will probably not scale to handle the larger number of 
issues we will need to track when the public review occurs, and that at 
some point we'll likely need to move over to JIRA for this.  Dennis 
suggested it would be easier if this was done for new items only, without 
changing the way existing items are tracked.

* The TC discussed Rob's analysis of external references in the draft. 
Consensus was to update references when needed, to cite specific dated 
versions of standards and to pay particular attention to consistency among 
references standards, especially if we decide to move to XML 1.0 (5th 

* Michael noted the continued discussion of ODF 1.2 conformance language, 
and that nothing could change unless a TC member makes a specific 
proposal.  Stephen said that Microsoft would be preparing a proposal, 
hopefully for next week.

* Adjourned at 10:58

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