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Subject: Re: [office] Conforming OpenDocument Text Document, etc.

Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM wrote on 03/16/2009 05:52:47 AM:

>  From a pure technical perspective, I would say that the name of a file 
> is a property of the file system rather than of the file itself, and 
> that we in a definition of a file format can only set up requirements 
> for properties or content of the files.

OK.  I can see that.

> My suggestion therefore is that we include the recommendation to use odt 

> as extension (or ott in case of a template), but turn this into a 
> informal note.

Informal note or a "should"? 

On the TC we already see the problem in practice.  Kavi does not seem to 
be aware of the ODF mimetypes, and if we do not set the file name 
correctly, when we download from our own document repository some 
documents come down as *.bin files which Windows does not associate with 
any editor.  Sure, I can figure it out -- save, rename, etc.  But to the 
average user this is very confusing. The point of having consistent file 
extensions is it works well whether your server is configured properly or 


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