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Subject: RE: [office] Conforming OpenDocument Text Document, etc.

   1. I notice that the template cases are not included.  Do you want to
handle those?  Would they be instances of the same Templates are a valuable
tool in support of interoperability arrangements.  I wonder if they can
simply be included under the corresponding conforming document type?

   2. You appear to have set a new ceiling, but there is no new floor within
those constraints, other than the existing constraints on conformant
documents.  That makes sense, although I think we need to deal with other
prospective exclusions (binary objects, applets?)  When characterizing
consumer, producer, and processor targets, shall we have preservation
requirements on elements that a producer does not support/interpret or must
a processor be capable of processing and producing all of its target class,
rather than simply producing documents confined to the target?

   3. I don't think a requirement to support all of OpenFormula will fly.
What will be done about the different conformance levels for OpenFormula?

   4. Do we need some way for a producer to assert the conformance target in
the document so that a target-constraining consumer can confirm/reject the
document accordingly?

   5. I continue to think we should consider that the document type
determination be a normative part of the specification, with the target
having the additional requirements for what shall and shall not be
supported.  (I think of type determination as more like schema than
interpretation, its just that we have attribute and package item values that
determine the applicable schema.)

   6. I also think this is a big deal.  It looks like the details should be
hammered out in wiki drafts until we feel we have surrounded the situation
and understand the implications on normative language throughout the
specification, what this may raise as an issue for implementers (and
adopters), etc.  I fear the law of unintended consequences biting us here.

 - Dennis

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Subject: [office] Conforming OpenDocument Text Document, etc.

[ ... ]

These specialized document targets specify constraints on static factors 
like namespaces, mime types and syntax.  It will be straightforward to add 
Producer and Consumer targets corresponding to each of these to 
constraints on runtime behavior.   The Producer/Consumer targets will 
likely invoke the requirement to process and be consistent with the 
semantics defined for the elements and attributes which are allowed in 
that document type.  I'll work on writing up these Producer/Consumer 
targets next.


------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conforming OpenDocument Text Document

[ ... ]

(D3.1) The <office:document> element shall have an office:mimetype 
attribute with the value "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text".
(D3.2) If the document is OpenDocument package then it shall contains a 
mimetype stream containing the string "
[ ... ] Conforming OpenDocument Spreadsheet Document

[ ... ] Conforming OpenDocument Drawing Document

[ ... ] Conforming OpenDocument Presentation Document

[ ... ] Conforming OpenDocument Chart Document

[ ... ] Conforming OpenDocument Image Document

[ ... ]

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