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Subject: Re: [office] Contributing features


Do you have something written up, either use cases or a proposal document?

You might start by posting the material to either the mailing list or the 
document repository and start a discussion that way.

Or, if you prefer, put the details on the Wiki and then send a note to the 
mailing list linking to the Wiki page.

I'm sure you will get some preliminary feedback.

IMHO, since this type of table header is unfamiliar to most Western users, 
it would be good to start with some examples and use cases, or even a 
short requirements documents, that describe at a high level the 
capabilities that are desired.  We'll also need to talk to the 
Accessibility Subcommittee at some point, since navigation of tables for 
the blind will need to be considered.



Peter Junge <peterjunge@RedOffice.com> wrote on 05/08/2009 04:24:00 AM:

> Dear TC members,
> Redflag 2000 (RedOffice) wants to enter another stage in it's engagement
> at the ODF TC by starting to contribute features for the next version of
> ODF. Recently, we have been working on a feature called "Diagonal Table
> Headers", see attached graphics to catch an idea. Our latest approach to
> this feature is quite comprehensive including significant additions to
> the ODF schema. Unfortunately, we have a problem at the moment. Because
> the ODF TC has been entering the stages of reviewing and finalizing ODF
> 1.2, new features will not be scheduled for review and discussion in the
> next couple of months. This is a bad situation for our unexperienced
> team, as we will need some feedback about the quality of our work, to be
> able to work on further features. For this reason I would like to find
> some volunteers among the TC members, who would like to help us put with
> a review of our feature proposal. I'm hoping I do not breech any OASIS
> policy with this concern, also having one additional question about our
> next step. Can I already add our new feature to the OASIS ODF TC wiki or
> would this prohibit the TC members to join a voluntarily review of our
> feature?
> Best regards,
> Peter
> -- 
> Peter Junge
> Open Source Strategy Director
> Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software Co., Ltd.
> Building No.2, Block A, Huilongsen, 18 Xihuan Nanlu
> Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
> 100176 Beijing - P.R.China
> 北京红旗中文贰仟软件技术有限公司
> 地址:北京经济技术开发区(亦庄)西环南路18号汇龙森A座二层
> 邮编:100176
> 电话/Tel: +86-10-51570010 ext.6183
> 邮箱/e-mail: peterjunge@RedOffice.com
> http://www.RedOffice.com
> [attachment "diagonalTableHeaders.jpg" deleted by Robert Weir/
> Cambridge/IBM] 
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