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Subject: Re: [office] TC Liaison with JTC1/SC34


thanks for the update and joining our Monday TC call.

I have added this topic as one of the first items on our agenda, 
immediately after the roll call, meeting minutes approval and a possible 
cancellation of the next but one TC meeting.

Best regards


On 06/04/09 17:20, James Bryce Clark wrote:
> Dear OpenDocument TC members:
> There are two opportunities for collaboration with the JTC1/SC34 panel 
> assigned to work with us on current and future versions of the ISO/IEC 
> 26300 version of ODF.
> As you know, OASIS and JTC1 have discussed ways to cooperate more 
> systematically on maintenance of standards that have been approved by 
> both organizations.  Our OASIS Board of Directors has just approved 
> amendments to our Liaison Policy, to specifically address post-approval 
> maintenance.  I expect that we will discuss the methodology for future 
> maintenance shortly, as well.  However, this message is about creating 
> liaisons.
> The OASIS Liaison Policy allows your TC to appoint persons to liaise 
> directly with other relevant standards bodies, like SC34.  OASIS already 
> has several such permanent liaison positions, and several of you also 
> happen to hold seats on SC34..
> In addition, SC34 has just announced a new OpenDocument-specific "Ad Hoc 
> WG on ISO/IEC 26300 Maintenance".  See 
> http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc34/open/1221.htm
> If the TC wishes, it would be appropriate for you to designate OASIS TC 
> members willing to serve as a bridge on this panel as well.  As you can 
> see from the announcement, the working group expects to meet in 
> Seattle.  (It's likely that one of us from OASIS will attend as well.)
> Would the TC like to designate some TC member(s) as its 
> representative(s)?  You could do so by a simple resolution at your next 
> meeting.  If so, we will pass along the names together, as OASIS' 
> nominees to the SC34 WG.  I'd ask that if there are multiple designees, 
> the TC name one as primary, for ease of coordination.
> (Those persons would be subject to our Liaison Policy, which puts some 
> limits on what a TC liaison can do -- for example, they can't act to 
> commit the TC or OASIS to anything.  See 
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/liaison_policy.php#tcliaison )
> Also, if the TC has any views of the scope or plan of the WG, we'd like 
> to share those with SC34 at the same time.  So please pass those along 
> as well.  I will attend your next meeting on Monday, to be available for 
> any discussion of the issue.
> A second opportunity may occur, if JTC1/SC34 wishes to do the reverse.  
> Earlier this year, SC34 members expressed interest in "embedding" an 
> SC34 member in the TC as an active observer.  (Likely someone who is not 
> already independently a TC member.)  Our Liaison Policy also permits 
> that, if the circumstances are appropriate, by having them join OASIS 
> for that purpose and contribute actively to the TC.  We wish to 
> encourage this, and also will follow up with SC34 on that possibility.
> I will plan to attend the next ODF TC meeting to answer questions if you 
> like.  Kind regards  JBC
> Jamie Clark
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