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Subject: Re: [office] (OASIS Issue Tracker) Commented: (OFFICE-1700) Editor Note: Section18.258 style:font-charset

Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 06/16/2009 10:49:18 AM:

> > Remember, before JIRA we did not discuss and vote on every change to 
> > standard invidually.  Why should it be different now that we have 
> > JIRA helps us track the comments better.  But it doesn't change the 
> > draft approval process.
> > I wouldn't read too much into JIRA's terms "resolved" and "applied".
> > Certainly "applied" means only that the draft has been amended to 
> > the issue according to the stated resolution.  It does not mean that 
> > change was approved by the TC.
> >
> > Since most issues are not controversial, this is fine in most case.
> so Oasis has zero traceability from issue through to resolution
> on ODF.
> That seems to be the case?

The resolution of comments is 100% traceable via the comment list, JIRA, 
revision marks in the posted drafts and in CD votes recorded in the 
meeting minutes.  I don't see there being a question on traceability.  The 
question is how we batch the work, namely whether we have individual votes 
on each of 100's of comments, or whether we allow the spec editors (whom 
the TC has nominated and approved as editors) to handle uncontroversial 
comments and then have the TC approve the work via CD drafts.


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