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Subject: Fw: SC 24 Standards in ODF Format

----- Forwarded by Robert Weir/Cambridge/IBM on 06/29/2009 05:25 PM -----

Robert Weir/Cambridge/IBM
David Hyde <David.Hyde@bsigroup.com>
Toshiko Kimura <kimura@itscj.ipsj.or.jp>, patrick@durusau.net, Michael 
Brauer <Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM>, James Bryce Clark 
06/29/2009 05:23 PM
Re: SC 24 Standards in ODF Format

Hello David,

I'm responding to your "Letter from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24 regarding SC 24 
Standards in ODF Format", which is cataloged as N1228 in the JTC1/SC34 

I am the Co-Chair of the OASIS OpenDocument Format Technical Committee. We 
received your note and discussed it in our ODF TC meeting earlier today.

We would welcome further technical discussion regarding the use of X3D and 
PNG in ODF.  In particular, some of the questions that arose in our 
initial discussion were:

1) Would the intent be to simply place an X3D fragment into a frame in a 
text document, the way we currently do with bitmap images?  Or is the 
intent to have something more interactive, e.g., navigable? 

2) Would the intent be to add X3D as a new module within an ODF document, 
or were you thinking about adding 3D support to areas in ODF which 
currently have 2D graphics only?

3) We are also considering a request from the W3C to add more substantial 
SVG support to ODF.  We're interested to determine how best to use both 
markups in the same document.  Has there been any work in how these 
relate?  It seems that it would be reasonable, from an application 
perspective, for user to want to copy/paste objects from a 2D object into 
a 3D object.  This will work smoothly if the 2D vector capabilities of X3D 
match those of SVG.

4) As for PNG, we believe that this is already supported by ODF in by 
several current ODF implementations.

If SC 24 has a technical expert who is able to discuss these topics 
further with the ODF TC, please have him or her send me a note.  We are 
actively collecting proposals for the next release of ODF and would be 
glad to receive your input.


-Rob Weir

cc: Michael Brauer, C-Chair OASIS ODF TC
cc: Toshiko Kimura, JTC1/SC34 Secretariat
cc: Jamie Clark, OASIS Liaison to JTC1
cc: Patrick Durusau, ODF Project Editor

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