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Subject: Important: How get edit rights to JIRA

If you want additional permissions in the TC's JIRA issue tracking 
database, to do things like change components, owners, transition tasks 
through the workflow, etc., then you need to become a JIRA editor.

You can do this in 7 easy steps:

1) First you need to join the ODF TC's new Editors Subcommittee.  The 
purpose of this SC is purely to track who wants to be a JIRA editors.

2) To join the Editors SC you need to go to the following URL:


3) At the prompt enter your OASIS login.

4) Find and click the "Join Group" link. 

5) Chose to be a "Member" of the SC

6)  If you are an individual or associate member, you will automatically 
be now a member of the SC.  If you are corporate member, however, you will 
need to wait for your company's "Primary Contact" to approve your joining 
the SC.

7) Once everyone who wants to be a JIRA editor has done the above steps, 
then I will ping Mary to get those names made into JIRA editors.  I 
understand that this is a manual step to transfer these names over from 
Kavi to JIRA.  So there may be some delay before access is granted.

Also, I'd recommend that anyone who currently has JIRA access, under the 
old dispensation, also join the Editors SC, so you access is not 
inadvertently removed during this synchronization process.



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