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Subject: RE: [office] ODF 1.2 review part staging

I favor this approach.  

I am ramping up my review of Part III along with Michael to see how close we
can get to a CD and then work toward public review and maybe even committee
spec.  I am sure that a CS will attract further comment while we are waiting
for the broader concurrent review down the road, and that will be goodness

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Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 09:01
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Subject: [office] ODF 1.2 review part staging

On Monday's TC call I mentioned that I was focusing over the next couple 
of weeks on JIRA defects related to ODF 1.2 Part I and III,   Obviously, 
this would mean less emphasis on Part II (OpenFormula) in this time frame. 
[ ... ]

B) Send the individual parts of ODF 1.2 out for public review when each 
part is ready.  Since the parts vary in length and degree of maturity, I 
think that they may be made available for public review in a staggered 
fashion over the next few months.  Part III Packing is the closest to 
being ready for public review, followed by Part I and then Part II.  As 
one part is out for public review, the TC can finish the editing of the 
parts that are not yet ready.  The net is that we're fully utilizing both 
the capacity of those who participate in the public review, as well as the 
TC's capacity to fix defects.  No one sits around waiting.

[ ... ]

As for defect processing in JIRA, my recommendation would be to push 
forward the "most mature" parts first, to get them ready for public 
review.  So in my case, I have defects assigned to me in Parts I and II. 
Since Part I is closer to being ready for public review, I'm going to work 
on those now.  This doesn't mean that OpenFormula is less important.  This 
is just a way to stage the parts to maximize the utilization of available 
resources given the constraints of the review process.

Please let me know if anyone has concerns with this.



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