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Subject: Re: [office] Feature under evaluation at Redflag 2000

On Wednesday 14. October 2009 10.31.05 ext Peter Junge wrote:
> 2) Considering such feature seems to be quite obvious, as well it is
> quite easy to add, hence I would like to know if there is a telling
> argument, why it hasn't made it into ODF yet?

The solution KWord always used for this is using a new draw:frame which holds 
a text document with a table.
I'd argue that thats a better way to solve this issue than adding a feature to 
the tables.

If you try out KWord you will notice that frames are actually more powerful 
than you can see in implementations like OOo. There are settings like auto-
growing of a frame and min/max sizes etc.

I'd suggest perusing the placement of a frame anchored to a page with a text 
document and a table in it. Modularity is what makes ODF great :)
Thomas Zander

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