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Subject: RE: [office] Meeting schedule going forward: Daylight Savings Time -Recalibration

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 10/14/2009 
09:51:01 PM:

> Going to 1400-1500 gmt on any of the ODF TCs is just more painful.  It 
> be necessary to accommodate an international span of participants and 
> scheduling constraints of participants.  It will still be painful.

Painful, but possible.  That's the best we can hope for. 

Other solutions, beyond the A/B/C fixed time choices are:

D: Alternate meeting times from week to week.  Since voting rights require 
attendance only at alternate meetings, this might be more convenient for 
participants.  But we do risk losing continuity in the discussions if many 
members actually opted to attend only alternate meetings.

E: Repeat every meeting twice, at two different times, with the same 
agenda.  Decisions are made based on the combined attendance of both 
sessions of the same meeting.  I think the UML TC did something like this. 
 But I don't think we need that level of complexity.

F: Move more of the work into Subcommittees.  If we do that, the SC's can 
schedule at a time and frequency that suits their work.  And then we can 
have the full "coordination" meetings less frequently.  I don't think we 
should do a switch like this right now, but it might be something to 
consider post ODF 1.2.

Maybe there are other solutions?

Looking at all members who have attended in the past 12 meetings, I see 
the following distribution (West to East):

Pacific: 5 
Mountain: 1 
Eastern/Brazil: 5 
UK: 1 
Europe : 4
Beijing: 2


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