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Subject: RE: [office] OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2010-01-11

My recollection was that we were requesting submission of the full ODF 1.1
specification to JTC1, along with the waiver of the InteropDemo requirement.
We passed a motion that I thought was quite specific about both elements of
the request.

I don't recall there was equivocation about whether we would submit a
"diff."  How it would be transposed to an amendment of IS 26300:2006 was
thought to be actions taken at  JTC1 [SC34 [WG6]] in some manner,
considering that there is no such artifact in OASIS. 

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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2010-01-11

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* ODF 1.1 Submission to JTC1.

It was discussed whether the full specification or a diff to ODF 1.0
would be submitted to JTC1. What is required shall be discussed with and
confirmed by Jamie Clark and Mary McRae.

None of the attending TC members raised objections to submitting ODF 1.1
to JTC1.

The TC agreed to request a waiver regarding the submission requirements
defined by the "Policy for submitting OASIS Standards for adoption by
other organizations". Rob Weir will draft the request.

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