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Subject: RE: [office] What to do about digital signatures


nice work, I'll give it some thought.

One small remark:

> 2) (...) If all of the document is to be signed, all files within the archive, excepting files contained within the
> META-INF folder,  shall be contained within the signature by creating a Reference element for each as
> defined in [xmldsig].

Manifest.xml is also in META-INF, probably it should read

"except the file within the META-INF folder containing the signature"



PS: Rob, option #2 (send ODF 1.2 out for public review knowing that this issue is open, and commit to resolving
it when the public review ends) sounds good. I assume there will be (non-signature related) remarks anyway,
so that would probably lead to another 15-day review anyway.

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