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Subject: RE: [office] SC34 Ballot N1414 "New Work Item Proposal on DocumentPackaging"

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 06/04/2010 
04:32:29 PM:
> Furthermore, if there were to be a JIRA issue against the ZIP 
> Note, where is there a jurisdiction for resolving that issue?  Certainly 
> us, but who?  What is the maintenance body, what is its governance, and 
> can one submit a defect report?

The Application Note speaks of a "ZIP File Specification Committee" 
includes an email address for submitting comments and defines a change 
process.  Is that what you are looking for? 

If you (or any other TC member) thinks we require a change to the 
Application Note, then please enter an issue in JIRA and we can review and 
make a request on behalf of the TC.

"IX. Change Process

In order for the .ZIP file format to remain a viable definition, this
specification should be considered as open for periodic review and
revision.  Although this format was originally designed with a 
certain level of extensibility, not all changes in technology
(present or future) were or will be necessarily considered in its
design.  If your application requires new definitions to the
extensible sections in this format, or if you would like to 
submit new data structures, please forward your request to
zipformat@pkware.com.  All submissions will be reviewed by the
ZIP File Specification Committee for possible inclusion into
future versions of this specification.  Periodic revisions
to this specification will be published to ensure interoperability. 
We encourage comments and feedback that may help improve clarity 
or content."


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