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Subject: FW: ODF JIRA Issues not posted to list

In the interval when the OASIS mail system was having difficulties, the
forwarding of JIRA announcements was interrupted.  It seems that the JIRA is
now posting to the TC list now, but the issues that were posted in the
interim were not reported.

The following note includes a summary of the items that were posted in the
"silent" period.  The titles are not always fully transcribed:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis E. Hamilton [mailto:dennis.hamilton@acm.org] 
Posted At: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 12:44
Posted To: +ODF-TC-Issues
Conversation: ODF JIRA Issues on Twitter
Subject: ODF JIRA Issues not posted to list 

These issues did not feed to the ODF TC List (yet)

[OFFICE-2975] DOLLAR SIGN, U+0024 - consistency and order check -> "$"

[OFFICE-2976] QUESTION MARK, U+003F - consistency check -> "?" (U+003F,

[OFFICE-2977] ASTERISK, U+002A - various forms -> "*" (U+002A, ASTERISK) -
(Caution, "asterisk" also appears as attribute value so replace carefully)

[OFFICE-2978] TILDE, U+007E - various forms -> "~" (U+007E, TILDE) -

[OFFICE-2979] COLON, U+003A -> various -> ":" (U+003A, COLON)

[OFFICE-2980] SPACE (U+0020) - consistency -> SPACE (U+0020)

[OFFICE-2981] 6.1.2 White space Characters -> White Space Characters

[OFFICE-2982] SOLIDUS, U+002F - consistentcy with other references -> "/"

[OFFICE-2983] PERCENT SIGN, U+0025, consistency with other references -> "%"

[OFFICE-2984] 10.3.4 <draw:polyline> - "...and instead determine the size of
a shape exclusively from the polygon vertices." -> "...and determine the
size of a shape from its polygon vertices."

[OFFICE-2985] 10.3.5 <draw:polygon> - "...and instead determine the size of
a shape exclusively from the polygon vertices." -> "...and determine the
size of a shape from its polygon vertices."

[OFFICE-2986] 19.760 text:bibliography-type book: "explicit publisher" ->
"named publisher"

[OFFICE-2987] 19.818 text:is-list-header "..even if an explicit list-style
is given." -> "...even if the header has a list-style."

[OFFICE-2988] 9.1.7 <table:table-header-rows> Note: "Accessibility is
facilitated by the use of this element to designate row headers." -> awkward
- see description

[OFFICE-2989] 9.1.11 <table:table-header-columns> Note: "Accessibility is
facilitated by the use of this element to designate column headers." ->
awkward - see description

[OFFICE-2990] Appendix E

[OFFICE-2991] Accessibilty Appendix references broken and/or not updating -
see description

[OFFICE-2992] Changes from Previous Specification Version - references
broken - see description

[OFFICE-2993] 19.388 office:version - 3rd list item ends with broken
reference to processing foreign elements/attributes

[OFFICE-2994] 19.393 presentation:delay "...after the previous one has been
finished." -> "...after the previous one has finished."

[OFFICE-2995] 19.225 draw:text-path-mode - "...to the path" -> "...to a
path" , "...box of the shape." -> "...box of a shape"

[OFFICE-2996] 20.290 style:join-border "that fulfill one of these
conditions" -> "that meet one of these conditions"

[OFFICE-2997] 19.117 draw:caption-id - Note 2: This isn't meaningful, not to
mention that the language in Appendix D, which copies this, needs
re-writing. Suggest delete.

[OFFICE-2998] Appendix D - D.1. Title, Description, etc. - suggested
re-write in description, current text is deeply confused.

[OFFICE-2999] 10.6.1 <draw:custom-shape> "functionality" ? Delete

[OFFICE-3000] 1.1 "XML Schema defined herein"

[OFFICE-3001] 19.1 General - "...are defined herein." -> "...are defined by

[OFFICE-3002] 19.626 table:embedded-number-behavior - "digit determined
herein is locale-aware, and therefore not l..

[OFFICE-3003] 16.2 <style:style> "may create a hierarchical" -> "use a
hierarchical" - may is inappropriate 

[OFFICE-3004] 16.43 chart styles - Chart styles follow two inheritance
models?.. http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3004

[OFFICE-3005] 20.172 draw:wrap-influence-on-position - hint?

[OFFICE-3006] 1.2 Terminology - 7th paragraph - Delete "However," Capitalize

[OFFICE-3007] 20.144 draw:opacity-name - "independently from other fill
styles"? "like gradient, image, and hatch." Do other fill style interact?
"like"? Are there other fill styles?

[OFFICE-3008] 19.77 db:row-retrieving-statement - "retrieve auto generated
values" ? Such as?

[OFFICE-3009] 19.657 table:is-sub-table Note: - delete note - "integrate
seamlessly" is meaningless

[OFFICE-3010] 19.322 grddl:transformation - 2nd paragraph - "intended to be

[OFFICE-3011] 19.322 grddl:transformation 3rd paragraph - "should map"?
"should also extract"?

[OFFICE-3012] 18.3.1 angle - Note - recast last sentence, remove "Therefore"
and state positively.

[OFFICE-3013] 20.287 style:glyph-orientation-vertical - Note - recast 2nd
sentence to lose "Therefore" and to state positively.

[OFFICE-3014] 19.400 presentation:master-element - consumer user interfaces?

[OFICE-3015] 16.8 <style:default-page-layout> "...is not specified in a page
layout." -> "...is not specified in a <style:page-layout-properties>
element. 17.2"

[OFFICE-3016] 5.3.6 <text:numbered-paragraph> next to last and last sentence
of third paragraph - improve reference

[OFFICE-3017] 16.21 <style:font-face> see description

[OFFICE-3018] 3.1 Document Representation, 3.1.1 General "This defines two
methods..." -> "OpenDocument defines two methods..."

[OFFICE-3019] 19.899 text:use-soft-page-breaks - 6th paragraph - non-support

Dennis E. Hamilton
NuovoDoc: Design for Document System Interoperability 
mailto:Dennis.Hamilton@acm.org | gsm:+1-206.779.9430 
http://NuovoDoc.com http://ODMA.info/dev/ http://nfoWorks.org 

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