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Subject: Re: [office] OpenOffice extensions to ODF

Inactive hide details for Jos van den Oever ---07/15/2010 04:01:31 PM---Hi all,Jos van den Oever ---07/15/2010 04:01:31 PM---Hi all,


Jos van den Oever <jos@vandenoever.info>




07/15/2010 04:01 PM


[office] OpenOffice extensions to ODF

Hi all,

While discussing [1] how to add comments to slides on the KOffice mailing list,
we noted an extension to ODF used by OpenOffice 3.2. The namespace
http://openoffice.org/2009/office> is used to store slide comments in OpenOffice.

I was wondering if this namespace is being used as a staging area from where
missing features in ODF can be pushed to the standard and if there is
documentation on this namespace somewhere.

The particular feature could be easily added to ODF by allowing
<office:annotation> in <draw:page>.

     <draw:page draw:name="page1" draw:style-name="dp1" draw:master-page-
       <presentation:notes draw:style-name="dp2">
       <officeooo:annotation svg:x="1.216cm" svg:y="1.566cm">
         <text:p>Hello this is a comment.</text:p>

The element <officeooo:annotation> seems to have an identical definition to



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