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Subject: Re: [office] OpenOffice extensions to ODF

On Thursday, July 15, 2010 11:42:51 am Ming Fei Jia wrote:
> I also think <officeooo:annotation> should have an identical definition to
> <office:annotation>, so why not change <officeooo:annotation> to the
> standardized <office:annotation>. I assume you have the same question.
>    But what I am confusing now is that  <office:annotation> in ODF 1.2 is
>    usable with the following elements: <table:covered-table-cell> 9.1.5,
>    <table:table-cell> 9.1.4, <text:a> 6.1.8, <text:h> 5.1.2, <text:meta>
>    6.1.9, <text:meta-field> 7.5.19, <text:p> 5.1.3, <text:ruby-base> 6.4.2
>    and <text:span> 6.1.7. I use ODF1.2 CD5. And your example shows it is a
>    child element of <draw:page>. So either the ODF 1.2 spec has error or
>    your <officeooo:annotation> is not a reference implementation of
>    <office:annotation>. I guess maybe ODF1.2 spec miss something.

Yes, the example is only valid ODF because the annotation is in a different 
namespace (officeooo). I suggest that office:annotation is allowed in draw:page 
after presentation:notes. Perhaps someone can add it to JIRA, since i have 
account there yet.

My more general question is: what is the policy wrt officeooo and is there a 
policy to move things that are in there to ODF.


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