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Subject: Re: [office] Accelerated Updates to ODF

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 08/16/2010 
11:07:21 AM:

> I think one should consider the idea of supplements (further parts, if 
> like) that are approved for ODF 1.2.  With regard to the complexity of
> submission to JTC1, perhaps ISO/IEC JTC1 handling as coordinated 
> through SC34 WG6 would be fruitful?

It is faster to do a follow up PAS submission for any updates.  The 
amendment procedure is not an accelerated process.  PAS is.

Remember, the ODF 1.1 amendment is being done for very specific reasons, 
namely that OASIS 1.1 was not in ISO drafting form and was therefore 
ineligible for submission under the PAS process.  That was a one-time 
problem that we do not face going forward.

So I seriously doubt we will ever do another ODF amendment.  But a 1.2.1 
revision or 1.2 (second edition) or whatever is certainly possible. 
Regardless of what you call it, I suggest we set a date on it, say 
12-months after 1.2 is approved, and build a schedule with successive 
deadlines that brings us to that date.


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