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Subject: RE: [office] Accelerated Updates to ODF


>These are the two improvements which I had also in mind.  The point I
>think is not to create a new process but to think about the bag of
>issues that currently exist and identify those of them which are (i)
>relatively fully proposed (and thus have likely champions), (ii) seen
>as sufficiently urgent and (iii) within the bounds of reasonable
>implementation within a short time frame.  

+1, like annotations in presentations: already implemented, but needs to
be added to the standard.

And perhaps some duplicate attributes can be removed as well...

I'm sure everyone has his/her wishlist of improvements that won't make
it into 1.2 (we can't wait indefinitely), but do not require a Next release that
will take several years to complete...

Best regards,


PS: I do like the increased activity on ODF 1.2 :-)

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