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Subject: finding the style value for a property

Hi all,

Today I was reading paragraph 16.2 of OpenDocument-v1.2-cd05-part1-editor-

I tried to deduce how to resolve certain properties for certain ODF fragments.

<text:p text:style-name='A'>
  <text:span text:style-name='B'>
    <text:span text:style-name='C'>

Assume that styles A, B and C have no parent styles and both A and B determine 
fo:font-size at 10 and 20 respectively. If I follow the instructions in 16.2, 
I would conclude that 'Hello' should be shown with font-size 10, since the 
instructions there say that if the style on the element does not define a 
property, next one should look at the style for the containing paragraph, 
thereby skipping style 'B'. That seems wrong to me.

This is the relevant instruction:
"For styles where the style:family attribute 19.478 has the value text, 
applied to an descendant elements of a paragraph which defines character 
content 6.1.1, the paragraph style applied to the paragraph containing those 
elements is searched for the formatting property."

And a second issue. Given this fragment:


I would expect that, to determine what value to use for a property, one would 
look at the default-style with style:family="text", yet the specification 
  "In all other cases, or if a value for the formatting property has not been 
found by any of the family specific rules, a default style 16.4 that has the 
same family as the style initially declared sets the value. If there is no 
value specified in that default style, an implementation specific value is 
So there is no rule that says what style to use if no style-name is defined on 
an element. I would assume that the default value for the style that is 
allowed on that element would be the one to search for a property value next. 
That would be <style:default-style style:family='text> in this case.


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