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Subject: RE: XAdES support in ODF

Thanks David, very useful remarks.

A few questions though, to check if I fully understand them.

> You didn't sign everything in the file, especially in Configurations2/* - why not?

You mean empty things like Configuration/menubar ? The latest ODF draft spec says:
"Document signatures shall contain a <ds:Reference> element for each file within the package"

Now, the spec only mentions "files", so should it be changed to include every zip-entry, even
the empty directory structures ?

> I think your namespace declaration is incorrect, in that you only need to use the 1.4.1
> namespace on 1.4.1-specific elements. We should double-check the XAdES standard to be sure.

Hmm, it is declared on xades:UnsignedProperties but only used for the new TimeStampValidationData

<xades:UnsignedProperties xmlns:xadesv141="http://uri.etsi.org/01903/v1.4.1#";>

Seems OK ?

(I still have to look into the other remarks)

Best regards


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