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Subject: Re: [office] Conference call on 1.11.

<thorsten.zachmann@nokia.com> wrote on 10/29/2010 04:36:20 AM:

> Hello,
> I have not yet seen an announcement for the call on 1.11.2010. 
> However I will not be able to make this call as I'm in a training. 

I have sent out a new calendar invite.  So we're set there.

> Is here the correct place to announce it or should I contact someone
> in particular?

For absences, no notice is required.  But just remember that with two 
consecutive absences you lose voting rights.  And these can regained after 
attending two consecutive meetings.  So missing a single meeting does not 
change your membership status.

However, if a member needs to miss several meetings, then they be aware of 
the OASIS "Leave of Absence" policy, which can be used to "freeze" their 
voting status for up to 45 days.  There are notice requirements and other 
limitations that are detailed here:  



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