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Subject: Proposal for Advanced Document Collaboration Subcommittee & ElectronicBallot Motion

Here is the revised SC proposal.

1) I've proposed Robin LaFontaine as chair

2) I've removed the deadline for the delivery of the change tracking 

3) I've clarified that change tracking is the "initial and highest 
priority" for the SC

I hope these changes accommodate some of the concerns with the initial 

Approval of a SC requires a resolution approved by the majority of voting 
members on the TC.  We also have a standing rule that permits members to 
request an electronic ballot once a motion has been made and seconded on 
the list.

So, I move that the TC create an "Advanced Document Collaboration" 
subcommittee as described below.  As soon as someone seconds the motion on 
the list we can initiate the 7-day ballot.




Advanced Document Collaboration Subcommittee (slug = office-collab)

Statement of Purpose

Many ODF documents do not involve collaboration.  They are created by a 
single user, edited by a single user, and then perhaps presented or shared 
with multiple users, or maybe even just converted to PDF for distribution.

However, collaboration-based document scenarios are also common, including 
review and comment, change tracking as well as emerging work in real-time 
collaborative editing, in-context document collaboration, persistence of 
structured document fragments, and so on.

In order to bring together technical experts in these areas, and for them 
to evaluate trends, investigate opportunities and draft enhancements to 
ODF in these areas, we are proposing a dedicated subcommittee for this 

The initial and highest priority for the Subcommittee will be change 
tracking.  Reliable and user friendly revision management is critical for 
professional document workflows in corporate and public sector 
environments, and as such an important feature of Open Document Format. 
The SC is asked to prepare a draft specification of a markup vocabulary 
that can accurately describe any incremental change to the content and 
structure of documents - typically made in multiple editing sessions by 
different authors.

List of Deliverables

1. A draft specification for change tracking, including Relax NG schema

2. A description on how to apply change tracking markup to the various 
versions of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) as a host format.

3. A set of test documents that will allow implementers to validate their 
change tracking implementations.

4. A document that describes in detail how the existing change tracking 
mechanism in ODF can be converted to the new markup.

5. Other proposals, draft specifications and in-scope work related to the 
subcommittee's Purpose.


Robin LaFontaine

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