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Subject: Re: [office] Fw: [chairs] OASIS TC F2F Meeting Option -- for review

On Friday, May 06, 2011 17:03:50 PM robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> FYI, if we want to have a F2F meeting, once ODF 1.2 is behind us, to push
> ahead aggressively with the ODF 1.3 work.
> I did a quick calculation of the midpoint of the home locations of all of
> the voting members of the TC, to see what a good central location might
> be.  The midpoint is Tingmiarmit, an uninhabited island off the coast of
> Greenland.   But I'm not hearing good things about the hotel bar...
> http://www.geomidpoint.com/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tingmiarmit

Is there a website to calculate the location for which the group has the 
lowest emmission of CO2 when they meet? It's not as easy as the geological 
midpoint and perhaps it will suggest boats or rafts in natural currents, so 
some time constraints would need to be added too.

Slough, UK, as suggested by Jane Harnad is not a bad meeting point I guess. 
But the Cloud Symposium is not until October.


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