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Subject: Stairway to Interoperability

As you might know, I soon will no longer be sailing under Oracle's flag.
But as it is hard to let off of old habits, I have decided to continue my ODF engagement for now.

Last week, I started again by participating the ODF Plugfest in Berlin as a private person,
Presenting my vision of a fully interoperable format as office users are desiring it.
Driven by this user expectation, I would like to give the members of TC the idea of an overall direction driven by desire of interoperability.

The user expectation is fairly simple:
For a user an ODF application is not only defined by our ODF specification, which is covering the persistent model of ODF, the document to be saved.
Users have as well expectations on interoperability of the view of ODF (basically the layout) and the behavior (scripts, macros) the implicit known possible changes to be made on a document.
Only after the specification of all three (model, view, behavior) had been archived our work on an interoperable document standard is fulfilled.

Too much to be written in a single mail, but it might be enough to give you a spark of a vision.


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