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Subject: Re: [office] Use of <text:s> versus &nbsp;

On Tuesday 23 July 2013 00:14:52 AM Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> My comment was about where producers tend to put the <text:s> and what the specification recommends, versus the use of &nbsp; directly in the Unicode by other systems.   (This is not unrelated to the conversation about BiDi).  I understand what the Unicode code point for &nbsp; is.  One similarity is that <text:s> and &nbsp; render as spaces and they are not collapsed.

The difference betweeen <text:s/> and &nbsp; is that &nbsp; is a non-breaking space. "Hello&nbsp;world!" and "Hello<text:s/>world!" can be layed out differently. "Hello&#20;world;" and "Hello<text:s/>world!" render the same.


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