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Subject: Re: [office] Draft Agenda for Monday, 2015-11-23

Here are some comments on issues that were not discussed in the meeting yet.

OFFICE-1439 Automatic styles (ODF all versions)
Issue contains a discussion on clarifying the distinction between common 
styles and automatic styles.
Suggestion: 1.3 Major

OFFICE-1437 text:lists vs text:numbered-paragraph (ODF all versions)
Note: Numbered paragraphs form an equivalent, alternative way of specifying 
lists. A list in <text:list> representation can be converted into a list in 
<text:numbered-paragraph> representation and vice versa.

It makes sense to deprecate <text:numbered-paragraph>. We could add text to 
the specification on how that would work which suggests that the recommended 
way to store lists is with <text:list>.
This issue is rightly categorized as minor for 1.3.

Suggestion: 1.3 Minor

Suggestion: 1.3
Store versions of a document in one file.
LibreOffice supports saving of previous versions into the same ODF.
This can be done via File->Versions.
Suggestion: ODF Later, unless change-tracking SC picks it up.

Andrzej Hunt worked on this for LibreOffice. He used common number styles to 
store the unit information.
So, in theory it is already possible. It would be a great, but non-trivial 
addition to the specification.
Suggestion: ODF Later

OFFICE-1431 SVG Integration
The proposal suggests to use SVG more prominently. The situation now is better 
than at the time of the comment. The text in ODF 1.2 says 'should'.
Note: While the image data may have an arbitrary format, vector graphics 
should be stored in the [SVG] format and bitmap graphics in the [PNG] format.
Suggestion: ODF Later to specify interaction between SVG images and the host 

OFFICE-1426 Greek Numbering Notation
The issue concerns the correctness of greek numbering of lists in ODF.
ODF does not explicitly support greek numbering at the moment, so it cannot be 
LibreOffice uses the non-standard string style:num-format="α, β, ... (gr)" to 
specify greek numbering.
Suggestion: ODF Later

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