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Subject: Re: [office] How to number a heading?

On 23-05-17 22:28, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Here too the "mimetype" is not the first file in the package. So if
> someone can repair the order, that would be nice.

Here are the versions of the odt files with 'mimetype' as first 
uncompressed file.


Attachment: LO54default.odt
Description: LO54default.odt

Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle.odt
Description: LO54own_headingstyle.odt

Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_explicit.odt
Description: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_explicit.odt

Attachment: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_inherit.odt
Description: Manually_own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle_inherit.odt

Attachment: LO54own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle.odt
Description: LO54own_headingstyle_own_numberingstyle.odt

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