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Subject: [office] Chat notes from 10 July 2017

anonymous morphed into Jos van den Oever
anonymous morphed into Thorsten
Jos van den Oever: Svante, are you on the call?
Jos van den Oever: Michael proposes to talk about the meeting time.
Svante Schubert: Now I am on the call.
Jos van den Oever: Possible changes: 0:30 hours later or 2:30 hours later.
Jos van den Oever: I'll send mail to the list to hear from people that are not present now.
Jos van den Oever: Svante noticed that only the relative numbers for z-index are retained in libreoffice. LibreOffice anchers the numbers to 0.
Jos van den Oever: the order in ms office and libreoffice is correct
Svante Schubert: When there is a contradiction between style:run-through and draw:z-index for LibreOffice style:run-through wins, tested Regina
Svante Schubert: ^^given by the Emails of Jos.
Svante Schubert: Rendering looking quite the same
Jos van den Oever: Michael will write a wording to make the run-through and the group more clear and to write that is not allowed to create a file with a contradition.
Svante Schubert: ^^wrong
Jos van den Oever: 19.496 style:list-style-name
Svante Schubert: Jos did you meant:  Proposal for style:list-style-name -> http://markmail.org/message/af6ky7fxicfhjd2o
Jos van den Oever: Aarti will ask the Microsoft Office / Word team about the interpretation of the style:list-style-name on headings that are not inside a list.
Jos van den Oever: The question is: how is the numbering for such a heading determined.
Jos van den Oever: There should be a new JIRA issue about how to create different numbering styles for top-level headings (headings without a list). Jos will create the issue.
Jos van den Oever: This will not yet have a solution or proposal but will be a target for ODF 1.3.
Jos van den Oever: Regina says: a solution would be to simply use the attribute as one would expect.
Jos van den Oever: Another question: why is there a name on the outline style when there is only one such outline?
Jos van den Oever: LibreOffice has some UI that uses this outline.
Jos van den Oever: If a document is saved with an explicit number <text:number>, older implementations could still show it.
Jos van den Oever: this is already specified for odf 1.2 lists
Jos van den Oever: 6.1.10<text:number>
Jos van den Oever: Modify the examples of Regina to have explicit numbers: <text:number> in the <text:h>
Jos van den Oever: Regina will try to modify the example, perhaps before the next meeting.
Jos van den Oever: With that the meeting is adjourned.

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