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Subject: notes on call of 2017-07-31

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately we did not meet quorum today and even if we did the oasis 
server for logging it was not responding. Nevertheless we had some 
discussion on a few issues and on the use of a source control system for 
editing the specification.

Here are the notes:


Please change your name from 'anonymous' using the Settings button

anonymous morphed into Jos van den Oever

Regina Henschel: Aarti, can you hear us?

Aarti1: I'm unable to connect

Jos van den Oever: Aarti1: i see you connecting and disconnecting indeed

Regina Henschel: 3928

Jos van den Oever: Informal meeting because OASIS server does not give 
access to quotum calculation and we seem below it.


Jos van den Oever: look again at using git (hub) for doing the editing

Jos van den Oever: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3928

Regina Henschel: 3742

Jos van den Oever: Regina created a document to see how caps and dashes 
work together https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3742

Regina Henschel: https://beta.opendocumentformat.org/upload/de/165

Aarti1: Please post questions related to Microsoft on chat for me

Jos van den Oever: render comparison: 

Jos van den Oever: Aarti1: ok

Regina Henschel: Aarti, OFFICE 3926 style:list-style-name Have you an 
answer, how Word generates the numbers?

Aarti1: Not yet. I'll find out from word group

Jos van den Oever: ah indeed, it's butt, square or round 

Jos van den Oever: we adjourn this informal call here


I welcome you to join the call next week, august 6th.

Best regards,
Jos van den Oever

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