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Subject: [Office-3742] draw:style rect/round vs svg:stroke-linecap

Dear members,

this mail has an attachment for issue https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3742. The issue is about attribute (20.164) svg:stroke-linecap and (19.218.5) attribute draw:style in context of element <draw:stroke-dash>.

The attached SVG document contains dashed lines, which have set the stroke-linecap attribute. Opening it in a browser, you will notice, that the setting of stroke-linecap is not only applied to the start and end of the line but to the dashes too.

The document uses the same line, on the one hand with small width in light Pink, and on the other hand with large width and applied stroke-linecap in Black. The red dots mark the start and the end of the line.

Below are some links for your convenience.

Kind regards

ODF attribute svg:stroke-linecap

SVG attribute svg:stroke-linecap

ODF attribute draw:style in context of element <draw:stroke-dash>

SVG definition of "subpath"

ODF element <draw:path>

ODF attribute svg:d

SVG attribute d

ODF attribute draw:enhanced-path of element <draw:enhanced-geometry>

Attachment: linecap.svg
Description: image/svg

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