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Subject: OFFICE-3920 VDB startPeriod and endPeriod

Hi all,

the attached spreadsheet contains the way LibreOffice calculates VDB with startPeriod and endPeriod with fractions.

If e.g. startPeriod is 4.75 and endPeriod is 9.75 then LibreOffice does: Calculate VDB for 4 to 5 and take *0.25 from that value.
Calculate VDB for 5 to 9.
Calculate VDB for 9 to 10 and take *0.75 from that value.
Sum the three values.

The spreadsheet contains a section, where I do these three steps separately and sum the results and below a line, where I call VDB on the entire time interval. The calculation is done with switch to straight-line depreciation and without switch.

You should test it in other applications to see, whether LibreOffice's way is common. Then we can formulate it for the spec.

Kind regards

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