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Subject: Re: [office] row display behavior - Regina's definition

Hi all,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 15.03.2018 um 21:37:

Regina defines the layout of a row as follows:


A row has a fixed height by |style:min-row-height| and
|style:row-height|. Row height depends on row content, if attribute
|style:use-optimal-row-height| is set. All attributes are from


Question: Should we define the behavior if content is too large to fit
in the fixed height defined by |style:min-row-height| and

|Or is display of content that is too large implementation dependent?

I think, that this should be kept as implementation dependent. There exist several ways application handle overflow and I do not want to force one kind. E.g. Excel has a multi-line input field with scroll bar, TextMaker has an overflow indicator which the user can decide to enable or not, Gnumeric and LibreOffice have always overflow indicator, Calligra has a PopUp with the content and … character in case of too many text.

Kind regards

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