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Subject: Re: [office] Paper sizes plus defaults?

On 15.03.2018 16:49, Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Greetings!
> While reading Regina's excellent work on defining what is meant by
> header, footer, etc., it occurred to me that ODF doesn't define
> (reference the standards setting) page sizes.
> In Office-3938, https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3938, Svante
> has suggested changing fo:page-width and fo:page-height from *optional*
> to *mandatory.*

hi Patrick,

i notice that the attributes in question are of type "length"...

> The wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size, is a good
> starting point for standards to reference on page sizes, should we
> choose to add them.
> At a minimum, I would suggest ISO 216, ISO 217, ISO 269, DIN 476-2, SIS
> 014711, JIS-B4, JIS-B5, GB/T 148-1997, ESKD GOST 2301-68, and ANSI/ASME
> Y14.1. What sizes implementations choose to support, being left to the
> implementations.

... so all of these standards and a lot more are already supported
because users can just type in the corresponding height and width and
that should be interoperable among all applications.

making that easier to use by providing a drop-down list of common
formats or the like is application specific and an UI design question
that shouldn't concern  us here.

so i don't see what the point is of adding references to all these


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