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Subject: Re: [office] Different relative size relations - Office-3854

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 26.05.2018 um 23:31:

It was in response to this issue that you began drafting the page layout
terminology, to improve our descriptions here and elsewhere in ODF.

I realize we have turned aside to other issues and am wondering if
realistically we can review and approve the page layout terminology for
ODF 1.3?

Or will that degree of clarity have to wait for the next version?
Realizing it isn't simply approving a consistent terminology but then
integrating it into the current text.

My proposal for issue OFFICE-3854 is attached to my e-mail of 12.03.2018. The proposal is complete besides the fact, that it refers to the terminology document in two places as "The mentioned areas are illustrated in NN." Do you think, that the text is exact enough without the illustrations and do we agree on the term "content-area"? We have not yet discussed my proposal.

I think, that we do not get the complete illustration-document discussed in time. There are not only terms to be discussed, but there are problems in regard of width and height. For example, does svg:width of a draw:frame include border and padding, which are defined in the frame style? Or does svg:width of a frame gives the width of the content-area, which e.g might be filled by an image? And the behavior of margin, border, padding and shadow of characters (=OFFICE-3873) is unsolved. There the problem is, that CSS (used in HTML and EPUB) is different from the behavior of Word and therefore a simple reference to CSS is not usable, but we need an own specification and illustration.

Kind regards

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