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Subject: Re: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.3-wd08-part3-documents.odt uploaded

Hi Patrick,

some editorial remarks:

new 19.575.2:  height of   -->   width of

19.191 draw:mime-type
 ..., or registered in accordance with [.
There is something missing.

new 20.9 chart:data-label-series
The text has wrong font face.
The part "The attribute is evaluated for ..." is missing.
The part "The defined values for ..." is missing.

The term "series name" is not defined. But I think, we might fix that in a later version, because I think, that there is no problem in the common understanding of "series name". A similar term is used in the description of <chart:legend> and there it is neither defined. The source of "series name" is the attribute chart:label-cell-address of the <chart:series> element and that has data type cellRangeAddressList.

Kind regards

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 31.05.2018 um 04:31:
/Submitter's message/

The latest draft of ODF 1.3, part 3 has been posted!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

-- Patrick Durusau
*Document Name*: OpenDocument-v1.3-wd08-part3-documents.odt
Latest working draft of part 3
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link
*Submitter*: Patrick Durusau
*Group*: OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications
(OpenDocument) TC
*Folder*: 1.3 Drafts
*Date submitted*: 2018-05-30 19:31:01

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