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Subject: Re: [office] 7.7.13 <text:measure>

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 06-Dec-18 um 23:20:
We don't use "measure drawing objects" anywhere else.

Francis asks: cross-ref to 10.3.12? measure shape is defined there.

The term "drawing objects" is indeed only used as generic term, so "measure shapes" with reference to 10.3.12 would be better.

<draw:measure> already has <text:p> as a child element so I don't see
what <text:measure> could add in terms of representing text.

Thoughts, suggestions?

The <text:measure> element is child of <text:p> element. Its value is, that it is a field, which as such has variable content.

Version ODF 1.1 has, "Within the text contained in measure drawing objects (see section 9.2.11), a <text:measure> field displays the current measure." The essential part is "current measure". The content is adapted, if the user changes the length of the measure line.

The UI of LibreOffice in regard to measure lines could be improved. But LibreOffice can show a mix of normal text and <text:measure> elements, so that the measure line label can be 'diameter=3cm', for example.

Kind regards

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