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Subject: Re: [office] 10.8.4 clarification?

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 05-Dec-18 um 20:24:

10.8.4 reads:

The |<presentation:show-text>| element defines an effect that makes text
within a shape visible. Prior to execution of the effect defined by this
element the shape and the text it contains are invisible.

Francis asks: Is the shape as well as the text invisible prior to the
execution of the effect? Given that the effect only makes the text
visible, I'd have assumed that the shape itself was not affected.

Is there a common behavior among implementations?

My question would be, "Is there an implementation at all, that uses this effect?" The effect was used in OOo1.1 in the sxi-format. If a current LibreOffice opens such file, it converts the effect to a SMIL animation. As far as I know, LibreOffice does not write this element.

Kind regards

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