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Subject: problems with enhanced-path commands U and T (=angleellipseto) and polar handle

Hi all,

I'm working on the implementation of the commands U and T of the enhanced-path for LibreOffice. But I cannot get the definition of the correct rendering. The current specification is not clear enough for me.

We have in ODF 1.2 19.145 draw:enhanced-path the text:

T angleÂellipseto (x y w h t0 t1) +
Draws a segment of an ellipse. The ellipse is specified by the center(x, y), the size(w, h) and the start-angle t0 in degrees and end-angle t1 in degrees. The segment is drawn clockwise.

I have created an example in the formats odg, odp, fodg and fodp. I have tested it in several apps. The attached zip-container contains the example files and a text document with screenshots and a description of the problems I see.

[The problem that w and h should be radii is already tracked in https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-3711]

It would be nice, if you find time to look at the problems.

Kind regards

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