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Subject: Review Working Drafts

Hi all,

there has been the question, how long it takes to review the Working Drafts. I have make a test for me and have examined the issues from the part "The follow descriptions ..." (3873, 3783, 3937, 3950, 4034, 3782, 3868, 3744, 3746, 2580, 3697, 2102)

I lasts 1h 10min. (Now I need a break.)


Part 2
4.8.10 manifest:media-type
The change from [RFC4288] to [RFC6838] is missing. See OFFICE-3868. It is already changed in 1.3 Normative References in Part 3.

Part 3
Page 1
"Chairs" need update

"Additional artifacts"
"(this part)" is at Part 1, should be at Part 3

"Abstract" need adapted to "Part 3".

Do we have really five Parts? Compare to appendix G.2 change from "five" to "four".

Footer has paragraph break after "All Rights Reserved" which results in wrong tab for page numbers.

19.219.27 Word 'value' is doubled.

2.2.5 OpenDocument Drawing Document. Item B) has still the wrong dot instead slash. OFFICE-3746

6.1.2 White Space Characters, algorithm step 5)
OFFICE-2102 Proposal has "remove leading U+0020"

Appendix G.2
Change Tracking General Office-3873
The section number is missing, the reference should be on the section number not on the word 'General'.

Remove of attribute "19.381 office:process-content (deprecated)" is not mentioned.

Kind regards

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