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Subject: answer to Marina Latini

Hi all,

in case the TC wants to answer to the mail
I suggest this:
A switch to a new version of a referred specification would only be possible after verifying for each occurrence, that the new version of the referred specification still specifies the properties the way, it is needed for ODF. And in case the new version does it indeed the same as the old version, there is no need to switch to a new version.

The situation is different in case new values of a property or new properties are considered for the next version of ODF. Then the TC will examine, whether such value or property is covered by a newer version of a referenced specification.

In the special case of attribute fo:border, the specification ODF 1.2 does not refer CSS2 directly, but refers to XSL 1.0. A change to XSL 1.1 makes no difference, because that still refers to CSS2. Comparing CSS2 and CSS22 shows, that they do not differ in regard to border properties. On the other hand, ODF 1.3 has no changes to attribute fo:border. Therefore a change in the reference is not needed.

Kind regards

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