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Subject: Re: [office] No ODF TC teleconference 3 Feb 2020 - Next meeting, 10 Feb. 2020 - Features to target for ODF 1.4?

On 03.02.20 05:32, Patrick Durusau wrote:

I don't have any ODF 1.4 issues ready for discussion so canceling
tomorrow's ODF TC call.

Next ODF TC meeting, 10 Feb. 2020, main topic: What features to target
for ODF 1.4?

i believe we wanted to tackle the issues with target ODF-Next, because they were originally ODF-1.3.

in addition there are already several dozen with target ODF-1.4.

this query lists 153 issues in total:


additionally there appear to be 3 issues with target ODF-1.3 but that are neither APPLIED nor CLOSED, perhaps best to start with these so they don't get lost:


so the good news is we're not running out of work any time soon :)



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