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Subject: RE: [office] Styles in the documents

Hi Regina

I am currently performing a similar exercise: examining the use of styles in all drafts of ODF 1.3 since June 2018. I too am using the LibreOffice user interface to analyse the use of paragraph styles, but am using an XML editor to analyse the use of character styles.

I note the following regarding the use of paragraph styles in Part 3:

- The root style 'Default Style' appears infrequently in all drafts, gradually increasing in number from 8 in WD10 to 21 in CSD02. There are examples of its use in all drafts in 19.543.2 and 19.543.3. I think all regular text paragraphs should be styled 'Text Body'.

- The styles 'AppendixHeading', 'AppendixHeadingA1' and 'AppendixHeadingA2' were introduced only in CSD02. They replaced 'Appendix Heading', which was used (for all heading levels in appendices) in all drafts up to and including CSD01. The styles 'Appendix Heading 2' and 'Appendix Heading 3' aren't used in any of the drafts.

- The style 'Bullet List' is used, but only a few times in chapter 20, for example in 20.255 in CSD02. Most bulleted lists are styled 'Text Body' with direct style overrides. In my opinion style overrides should be the exception rather than the rule, so I would like to see all regular bulleted lists styled 'Bullet List'.

- I don't see any uses of the style 'Caption' in any draft. Can you provide an example? If I search for its use in LO, nothing is found.

- The style 'Default Text' is used just once in 20.236, and appears for the first time in CSD01. I think this should be 'Text Body'.

- The style 'Default Value' was used in all drafts up to WD13-02, but doesn't appear in any later drafts, so something happened in preparing WD13-03 that removed this style.

Regarding character styles in Part 3, please note that the style 'Formula Sub' is actually mis-spelt 'Furmula Sub', which should be corrected in the ODF 1.4 template. The character style 'Keyword' is used just once in Part 3, so is probably a mistake. The character style 'ISO Keyword' is used inconsistently. There are two groups of character styles whose members seem to overlap strongly in their use: 

- 'Label' and 'Note Label';

- 'Element', 'Source Text' and 'Teletype'.

There is clearly much that could be done to improve the use of styles and make it easier to perform reliable transformations on the ODF 1.4 specification.

Kind regards,


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Subject: [office] Styles in the documents

Hi all,

I have made a list of styles, which I found in odf1.3-csd02 and in the new ODF1.4 templates. The yellow ones might be unnecessary. The red ones are surely junk and should be removed, when making the first draft for ODF 1.4.

The styles marked with LO are automatically provided by LibreOffice.

The list is not script generated from the files, but I have taken the items from the UI.

Kind regards

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